34 College Road, Brown’s House

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34 College Road, BS8 3JJ

Thomas Edward Brown came to Clifton in 1863, following a fellowship at Oxford, and an appointment as headmaster of the troubled Crypt School in Gloucester. He was appointed as master of Clifton’s “modern side” (as opposed to the “classical side”), and in 1864 became master of a new boarding house on College Road.1

Like Symonds, Brown became close friends with H. G. Dakyns, and Clifton pupil H. F. Brown. Arthur Quiller-Couch recalled Brown as part of Symonds’ “literary coterie, interchanging poems and criticism on life and letters.”2

34 College Road is now incorporated into the present Moberly’s House.

Article on T. E. Brown at Manx National Heritage Library.

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